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July 18, 2012

The meeting place for the tour was the theatre on deck 4, they positioned the sticker table right at the front so everyone had to walk all the way down and then all the way back up to the door which didn’t seem particularly sensible. At about 2.30 we were told to go to deck 2 to disembark and to assemble on the quayside. I went down and the assembly area was utter chaos, the young girl running things wanted everyone to line up and then follow another girl holding a number on a stick. She would have been too short to join a troupe of midgets so no-one could see, let alone follow her. I just walked along as I knew the way to the station. When we arrived we were herded onto a platform and we boarded a very comfortable train.

The journey took a little over 50 minutes and half way up we stopped at a dual track section to allow the down train to pass safely. The train goes through 20 tunnels of varying lengths and the scenery is quite spectacular but you are on a train and there is very little time to compose a photograph as you will pretty soon be in another tunnel. There was a photo stop at Kjosfossen where there is a massive waterfall which was interesting, they had a girl there singing as a local legend believes that she would tempt men to go into the mountains. I thought that it was tacky and touristy but others seemed to enjoy it.

The train arrived at Vatna-Halsen which is one station from the destination of Myrdal and everyone got off to go and have a cup of coffee and a waffle in a nearby hotel. The plan was that they would spend an hour there and then re-board a subsequent train for the return journey. I didn’t fancy this at all so I stayed on the train and after a 5 minute stop at Myrdal I returned to Flam. The journey was mildly interesting and it would have been a little better had we not been travelling so quickly. I wouldn’t do it again though.

I am now back on the ship and the weather is glorious sunshine, it is 25/77 degrees and there is no wind at all, I am going to get cleaned up and then go for a beer or something similar.


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  1. chris permalink

    Jim – just text me in the morning and I will meet you wherever you suggest! 4 ships in!



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