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It is now 6pm a…

July 18, 2012

It is now 6pm and MV Rotterdam must be preparing to sail fairly soon as she is recovering her tenders and smoke is coming from her funnel. She looks like a really nice little ship; I must give Holland America a try I think. She has just raised her port anchor and water is pouring from her bow as the chain is winched on board. I originally assumed that the water had come on board with the chain but it dawned on me that the crew must be hosing the muck off and that is what is running out of the bow. Duhhh! She gave three whistles in farewell to which we haven’t responded, then she turned through 180 degrees and sailed off into the distance.

I’ve just received the disembarkation labels and information, I should be off the ship by 8am if things run to time as we are due to arrive a little after 5am on Saturday.

I went to the wine bar again before dinner, the Gavi was running low so I switched over to Pouilly Fuisse which is never a bad substitute, I had a glass and then as I was topping it up my credit ran out, but there was also a problem with the bottle so I moaned to Denis the barman and he gave me the measure that I should have had which meant that I ended up with 2½ glasses, I then popped to the Martini bar as it was still early for dinner and tried a Ketel One martini, it was perfect and I was ready for the meal. I was on a table with 5 people with whom I had eaten before plus a couple of teachers from Glasgow and we all really got on very well and before we knew it 2 hours had gone by. I had snails, Caesar salad with the anchovies and a great T-bone steak. I then sampled a small cheesecake and a scoop of strawberry ice cream, half a bottle of Malbec assisted and we all had a great time. I had  a couple of nightcap martinis and then went up to bed at 10.50pm. We are still miles inland on our journey to Bergen where we are due to arrive at 7am, this is the longest fjord in Norway and the second longest in the world, or maybe the second deepest. I don’t know ad after three martinis I really don’t care!

I am meeting a friend tomorrow for some drinks but as we are scheduled to depart at 2pm we will need an early start.


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