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Bergen and the journey home.

July 19, 2012

The café that I found was called Café Holbar and is at Vagallmenningen 1,it is very good but a coffee still costs at least 30 NOKs  and a large beer will need 100 NOKs. We didn’t eat there as I didn’t want to take out another mortgage. I had to have that last beer and so left the café/bar just before 1pm and arrived at the shuttle bus with throngs of others. We all boarded and got back safely and I am back in the cabin and can relax. Bergen is a very pretty city and the buildings always seem quite Lowryesque as most of the houses are tall and look narrow with sharp angles. It is probably just my over-active imagination. Bergen was very crowded with tourists today as a Thompson and an Azamara ship arrived so there were 6 ships in total. It is 1.21 and the clouds are beginning to build so we may get a little rain later. The temperature is a pleasant 17/64 degrees and there is a light breeze.

We departed at exactly 2pm and pushed back turning 180 degrees and then a Hurtigruten ship bade us farewell with 3 whistles but again there was no response from our bridge which was quite surprising as it is a standard practice and a common courtesy that is extended between ships. The time is now 4.30 and we are heading slightly west of south at 20 knots into a 29 knot force 6 strong wind, the sea is moderate to rough and there is a little movement on board. Despite the clear blue sunny weather it feels cold at 13/56 degrees. Tonight is the final formal night of this cruise, the vast majority of people that I have seen on the previous two were suitably attired in Tuxedoes or dark suits and the ladies were all dressed very elegantly. I know that some people dislike the formality of dressing for dinner but in my opinion it really adds to the atmosphere on board and I believe that once people have made that effort they seem to enjoy themselves.


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  1. Linda permalink

    Jim, Thanks for sharing the journey. Having been to Geiranger and Flam last year I remembered details you mentioned. Safe trip home.

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