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July 19, 2012

It is just after 6pm and I am heading down for a pre-dinner drink, as I have used my wine credit I will probably go to the Martini Bar. I did indeed have a couple of Martinis and while I was sitting at the bar the barman did a trick with 9 Boston Cups which are the metal bottoms of the cocktail shaker. He mixes 9 different drinks, 1 in each cup and then sacks them one in another. He arranges 9 martini glasses on the bar and then whilst standing on the lower area of the bar proceeds to curve the cups and pour the drinks from one end to the other. It is quite a feat and pretty impressive. Speaking to the other barman he told me that the maximum that he has seen was 24 which does seem incredible.

Dinner was very nice and was only marred by the interruption of the Cruise Director with the traditional parade of chefs. On this ship he chats on interminably introducing various senior staff members rather than the actual people who do the work. I am a great fan of the parade and always applaud enthusiastically but tonight was rubbish compared to other ships. I had Oysters Rockefeller, a Caesar salad and Beef Wellington and all the dishes were excellent. After the meal I was tempted to return to the Martini Bar where I met up with Marlene and Adrian and sank a few cocktails.

It is 11pm but we gain 1 hour tonight so we are back on UK time of 10pm and are due east of the very top of Scotland, just south of Stavanger. The sea finally looks like the sea, it has small waves and the wind is making some white horses. There are not enough to get excited about but it is an improvement over the calm seas. The current temperature is 11/52 degrees, there is a 28 knot force 6 northerly wind and 3 metre seas. I should be rocked to sleep tonight.


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