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Homeward bound

July 20, 2012

I slept very well with the gentle rocking and now at 6am on Friday July 20th the sea state has reduced somewhat although there is some residual shimmying on board, it is not at all unpleasant and serves as a reminder that we are actually at sea on a ship. The weather looks likely to be sunny for most of the day although at this moment there is a lot of light coloured cloud up in the sky that should clear away to let the sun shine through.

The temperature is 11/53 degrees and the wind is gusting between 22 and 29 knots from the same direction. The ship sails well and seems quite stable although it is difficult to judge accurately because we have only encountered light seas. We are making 19 knots and are due east of Newcastle upon Tyne, in the middle of the North Sea steering south south west.

It is nice to be back on UK time but it does remind me that I get off tomorrow and that today is that dreaded packing day. It shouldn’t take too long to be fair and I will delay it until this afternoon. Luggage needs to be out in the corridor by 11pm on here apparently and our arrival time at Southampton is estimated to be 6am, I think that it could well be earlier than that as some passengers that I have spoken to have told me that they are disembarking at 6.30! The Captain has just made an announcement and whilst I didn’t totally grasp what he was saying he did say that our arrival would be 5.30am.

It is 11.35am and the weather is much better, most of the clouds have gone and a weak sun is shining down. The temperature is a chilly 13/56 degrees and the 19 knot north westerly wind isn’t helping much, it is still pretty nice though. The sea is moderate and we are passing through a field of gas platforms. There are a number of other ships around us as well but it is a fairly busy sea so it is no real surprise. We are now due east of Leeds and are heading south.

This will be my last post on this trip, unless something noteworthy happens later on. I have enjoyed the cruise, Celebrity have met and in some areas exceeded my expectations. Having said that, there are things that I don’t particularly like but their presence wouldn’t necessarily deter me from travelling with them again.

I hope that you have enjoyed travelling along with me and I thank you for your supportive comments, we must do this again soon!



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  1. Barbara permalink

    Thank you very much for your blog on your Celebrity cruise. It was interesting to read your pros and cons of the cruiseline. The itinerary comments were interesting as well. Have a nice trip home.

  2. Thank you for bringing us along on your trip. Every morning we wake with anticipation to read your blog. Can’t wait for your next trip and are looking forward to joining you once again.

  3. Michael Meakin permalink

    Thank you very much, you did a great job looking foreward to our trip on 4th Aug hope we enjoy as you have done Thanks again.

  4. rob permalink

    thanks Jim, enjoyed your blog. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming QM2 trip. I’m sure you are eager to be “home”!

  5. Kevin permalink

    A very enjoyable read. Will be on Eclipse for Christmas, so appreciated your comments. Looking forward to next weeks QM2 reports.

  6. angelo and clare permalink

    Have enjoyed your coverage of the Celebrity cruise.
    Looking forward to the QM2 narrative.

  7. Pauline permalink

    Thanks so much for your very informative, and often funny blog. I will am on the Icleand Fjord cruise on the 4 August. Cannot come quick enough.


  8. Diane Porter permalink

    Hello Jim, we met on QM2 in May and shared lunch with Zeffie and Rudi at Todd’s.
    anyway, I quite enjoyed your trip as I was reliving a similar itinerary on the Queen Elizabeth 2. Do you have lunch plans in Brooklyn? Maybe Queen? Regards, Diane P.

  9. Will permalink

    Jim, I enjoy reading your blog everyday while you are cruising. Your comments are always informative, well written, and quite often very funny, Looking forward to hearing about your next trip!

  10. Jim, thanks for the updates, they have been enjoyable! I hope you get back to sea sooner rather than later!

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