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Capnpugwash is on board QM2 on a BTB TA to avoid the 2012 Olympics

July 26, 2012

Well it isn’t fair to say that I am avoiding them but rather I am using the money that Lord Coe and his apostles wanted for four tickets to the diving event at the Olympics. I thought that £450 per ticket was a little bit steep for a 3 hour event, so I put the £1800 towards the fare for this trip. The bonus is that I am not affected by the horrendous traffic throughout London and I will be able to watch the whole thing on TV on the ship.


It might seem a little odd but these 2 transatlantic crossings will be my 5th and 6th trips this year. I started with a repositioning cruise from Miami to Barcelona on NCL, I followed this with a BTB TA on QM2 later in April and I returned 5 days ago from my first trip on Celebrity, I was on the Eclipse to Iceland, the Faeroes and Norway. Here we go again!


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  1. Jim, let us know what deals you spot on the wine list. We will be on board 14 September and we are always looking for a good wine tip. Thanks!

  2. donamae permalink

    Hi Jim – Bon Voyage…again (you are so lucky) smart also, you made the correct decision with respect to the $$$, oooops, I mean the currency I don’t have a symbol for on my keyboard…. for Olympic tickets vs an awesome cruise. Plus you will have the best seat in the house to watch the events. Feel free to chuckle & pat yourself on the back when you see coverage of the traffic jams and cranky drivers.

    Wishing you nice rolling seas which we all know you love.
    I will check on you every morning with my coffee.


  3. Kevin permalink


    If you depress the ALT key and while keeping it pressed you type 156 on the numeric pad you get £ symbol when you release the ALT key. Similarly, you get the € symbol with ALT 0128.

  4. donamae permalink

    trying this…
    nope…neither worked.
    & I was thinking you were as smart as Jim.
    But thanks anyway Kevin.

  5. donamae permalink

    ok Kevin, used the keypad, not the top keyboard row, 1st one a sunshine but 2nd worked,.
    Thanks so much. More things learned today.

  6. Kevin permalink


    ALT 156 is definately the £ symbol. You can look up all the ALT Codes at the following site.

  7. Jerry Nuovo permalink

    Cap’n or Jim, Have a great time aboard the QM2. Regards,Jerry

  8. Diane Porter permalink

    Hi Jim, hope you are enjoying the crossing. I believe that tomorrow is Chaba’s -I might be missing a keeter in there – birthday. Give him my regards and I know the ship will be rocking in his honor. do you have plans in Brooklyn? Lunch at the Queen? Diane Porter

    • Diane I haven’t seen him yet but I will. Yes Queen restaurant looks favourite and I have some friends coming up from PA Jim

      • Diane Porter permalink

        I seem to recall in May friends didn’t arrive so I was offering self as Brooklyn local. Hope all is well. I will chack back for a time and birthday party news. Diane

  9. Jane Philp permalink

    Where are you Jim? I am waiting for my usuall post today and nothing has come through, are you having poblems with the internet

  10. Kathi permalink

    Kevin, thanks for the alt codes. Who knew?!?!

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